SMS Rain Alert & Urgent Mail System

For regular email communications, please subscribe to the 

MenloDogOwners Yahoo Group mailing list.


For urgent communications ONLY, including Rain Out, Park Closure, LOST DOG & Emergency notifications, subscribe to

The Dog Owners Group of Menlo Park Rain Alert & Urgent Mail List

and submit your cellular SMS/text message address. Some text message address formats include:

  • For AllTel, the address is ""
  • For AT&T, the address is ""
  • For Cingular, the address is ""
    For Nextel, the address is "" 
  • For Qwest, the address is ""
  • For Sprint, the address is ""
  • For TMobile, the address is "" 
  • For US Cellular, the address is ""
  • For Verizon, the address is one of three possibilities:
    • ""
    • ""
    • ""
  • For Virgin Mobile, the address is ""

Then enter your name, select a password and press the "Subscribe" button. 

Once you have done this, you will then be allowed to send a message to "Rain at". Your message will immediately go to the cell phones and addresses of people who joined the SMS Rain Alert List. The message will then be relayed and sent to members of the Yahoo Group. You do Not need to CC the Yahoo Group.

  1. If you are the first one at the dog park in the morning and it is closed, please do send a text message to the list.
  2. Or, if your dog has escaped or you've located a lost dog, please do send a text message to the list.

Again, this rain alert system is only for Rain Outs, Park Closures & Emergencies such as Lost Dog communication.

If you experience difficulties adding your cell phone to the list, please email the webmaster .