About DOGMA: Missing Dog Procedure : Act Immediately!

1. Call the Menlo Park Police and report the dog lost. (650)330-6300 or (650)858-3319, 701 Laurel St., Menlo Park, CA 94025. Prepare the following information:

  • 1A. Breed/Mix.

  • 1B. Weight

  • 1C. Colors

  • 1D. Name of Dog.

  • 1E. Distinguishing marks or tattoo?

  • 1F  Wearing a collar?

  • 1G. Dog Tags?

  • 1H. Microchip ID# & brand?

  • 1I. Temperament of Dog.

  • 1J. The dog's existing medical conditions.

  • 1K. Last known time and location!

  • 1L. Name, address and cell phone of owner.

2. Join the Dog Owners Group by sending an email to


Include all the information above plus a photograph & google map link to the last location seen. The webmaster will try to post & email the info.

3. Call the Atherton Town Police (540)688-6500.

4. Call the Redwood City Police (650)780-7100.

5. Call the San Mateo County Sheriff (650)363-4000.

6. Call the Peninsula Humane Society (650)340-7022.

    PHS is contracted to pickup strays in San Mateo County.

7. Call the Palo Alto Police (650)329-2413.

8. Call the Stanford Mall Security (650)617-8587.

9. Call the Stanford Police (650)723-9633.

10. Call the Santa Clara County Sheriff (408)808-4900.

11. Call the Palo Alto Animal Control Office (650)496-5971

12. Call the Santa Clara County Division of Animal Control.

13. Call the local veterinary offices and medical centers as lost pets are often returned to vets. Many are listed here at http://www.menlodogowners.org/veterinarians

14. Call the local rescue organizations. Many are listed here at http://www.menlodogowners.org/bay-area-rescues

15. Hang flyers in the neighborhood last seen. You could even use our home page.

  • 15A. List items 1A through 1L on the flyer.

  • 15B. Be sure to "Freshness Date" your flyers with the date posted and date to be removed.

  • 15C. Be sure to state "Reward if Found".

  • 15D. Use plastic page covers from the local office supply store to increase the longevity of the flyers.

16. Drive around after dinner & hand flyers to all people out for evening walks, especially those walking dogs as dogs gravitate to other dogs.

17. Drive around early in the morning & hand flyers to all people out for morning walks, especially those walking dogs as dogs gravitate to other dogs.

18. Continue to call the police and other organizations as information can be lost when a new shift comes on duty.

19. Hand deliver the photograph & information to the organizations listed above.

20. Buy advertising space in your local newspapers.

21. Report your dog stolen to the local police departments.

22. DogDetective.com

Twice a day minimum, inform the Dog Owners Group of the Menlo Park Area of any new developments. Send all updates at least twice a day by sending an email here.