Dog Parks: Dog Park Etiquette

1. Please bring at least 3 bags per dog to the park. While the city does provide bag dispensers, the bags often run out. With 3 bags per dog, you won't get caught short handed.


2. While people are entering and exiting the parks, please recall your dogs from the gates and dugouts so that each transaction may take place safely.


3. After entering the park, please check behind you to make sure the gate is secured.


4. Once you are in the park, you MUST remove all chains, choke collars, pronged collars, other "bling bling" from your dogs before releasing your dogs. This will protect the dogs by preventing entanglements and avoidable injuries.


5. Do not temporarily leave used bags in the dugouts or on the fence.
Too many other park users have had to pickup used bags that were forgotten.


6. Please try to pick up any miscellaneous, garbage, broken glass, bottle caps, food wrappers, cigarette butts, metal objects and poop that you may see. By finishing +1 each week, we can work together with other park user groups to keep the parks clean and safe for all.


Establishing A Dog Park in Your Community